Tuner Chip Houston

Tuner Chip Houston

Each vehicle has unique needs, but tuner chips help each run the way they should. Tuner chips, also known as an ECU (electronic control unit) or EMS (engine management system), monitor and adjust essential engine functions, such as fueling, ignition timing, and idle speed, so that your car can reach its maximum potential. Here’s everything you need to know about tuner chips and how they work.

What Is a Tuner Chip?

Tuner chips, or ECUs, are semi-standalone computer chips purchased from companies specializing in upgrading cars. Tuner chips are designed to maximize your car’s performance. Whether it’s an increase in speed, acceleration, fuel efficiency, or a combination of all three, tuner chips make it happen—many manufacturers use these pre-programmed computer chips as an add-on option on their high-end models.

What Does a Performance Chip Do?

Performance chips are installed in the car between its engine and its computer. A car computer refers to any component capable of being affected by electromagnetic interference, including the oxygen sensor, the fuel injectors, the intake valves, the throttle valve, the ignition system, and other items.

Instead of using purely mechanical processes, the performance chip uses electronic devices to enhance a vehicle’s performance. These chips deceive the car into believing it has a bigger and more powerful engine than it truly does. The result is that they can increase perceived performance percentages through improved throttle response, increased fuel economy, and increased torque and horsepower.

What Are Some Benefits Of Getting a Tuner Chip?

More Horsepower 

ECUs from the factory is configured with conservative software settings, including power settings. This helps make the car more stable under various conditions, resulting in some lost power. Tuning your chip can increase your car’s power and torque by altering the fuel/air ratio and timing.

More Fuel Efficiency

The primary goal of engine chip tuning was to make vehicles faster. However, the focus has changed to fuel efficiency and environmental consciousness. Chip tuning can significantly improve your fuel economy.

Fit Your Driving Style

Software manufacturers adapt the program to fit many conditions, from high altitude cold to humid heat. They are designed for versatility to use with any gasoline grade. By chip tuning your car, you can ensure that they tailor it to perform at its best in the conditions you drive it.

Cleaner Burn

Timing, fuel/air ratio, injection, transmission, and more are just some technologies that need to work together to get the most efficiency from your fuel. The cleaner the burn, the more efficiency, power, and less build-up you will have. This means that you will have to be more selective in your gas choice, but the benefits can be substantial.

Where to Chip your car

Power tuners and performance chips are installed into vehicles to change their performance characteristics by boosting power or reducing emissions. If you want your car to run quickly and efficiently, a performance chip for a car may be the solution you’ve been looking for. We have a range of performance chips for cars available to help you get the most out of your vehicle. Please contact Dragon Works Performance Chips for quality tuner chips and engine tuning services in Houston, TX. Also, visit our Facebook or YouTube pages for more information about our power programmers and tuners.

Tuner Chip Houston

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